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The guys from NVIDIA have just announced the release of a streaming box entitled Shield TV. It comes equipped with updated design and 4K HDR streaming support. Not only does it come with a remote but a sweet game controller is included in the set which comes with a price tag of $199.99.

Bold claims were made by NVIDIA as they’ve stated their streaming box is at least three times more powerful as its competitors. Running Android TV, it can stream any 4K content available from sources such as Netflix, Google Play Movies and Vudu. It also includes the likes of Amazon Video in 4K HDR which is somewhat unusual in regard of Android TV.

Shield TV will also support Google’s Assistant when it comes to voice control thus allowing for some easy voice commands being delivered, just like Google’s Home speaker. If you want to give a command from another room, it is mandatory to buy a microphone entitled NVIDIA Spot, which is similar to the Amazon Echo Dot.

It is widely considered as more than a streaming box as it has support for a plethora of games including the likes of the popular Watch Dogs 2, For Honor and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. This might be regarded as the future as companies such Ubisoft will release their games redesigned for streaming boxes at the same time they offer the PC variant.

NVIDIA is also to launch a Steam app which will be available on the Play Store which will enable everyone to stream in 4K HDR to their TV. It is regarded as the most potent device when it comes to media streamers and its huge price tag signifies that. Another device from the Shield family is going to hit the shelves pretty soon and it will come equipped with 500GB of storage with a controller and a remote which sports a headphone jack.