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Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS put together make up of over 99 per cent of operating system available today on the market. If you own a smartphone and there is a high chance of it being an iPhone or one of the thousands of devices who run on Android. Both are amazing platforms and we’ve come with some comparisons to help you decide which is best.

User Interface

Their design patterns have become somehow similar over the past couple of years as they both aim for simplicity and ease of use. Android Nougat has taken it a step further though when it comes to achieving similar visuals which have received an all important upgrade as they have smaller borders and fonts.

Another important detail to have in mind is that one cannot simply delete unwanted stock apps as they are just hidden from the users’ sight.


Android and iOS have similar application management software which enables its users to quickly browse and switch opened apps. Android might have a little edge as iOS doesn’t allow its apps to run side by side on iPhone devices.

When it comes to the all important camera app, the iOS one received an all important improvement as it uses machine learner to identify important details in a picture. It even has the capacity to create slideshows of your best pictures. Google’s photo app has been doing this for a year now but considering iOS’ upgrade they are now tied.

Music-wise, both operating systems have great apps with a slight edge given to Android as it enables its users to play streamed music and individually downloaded ones. Apple is not offering this feature yet and we are waiting to step up their game.


At a first glance one can clearly see that Android reigns supreme in terms of updates as they are pushed faster on it than on iOS. This is due to the fact that Google is not updating every app of theirs separately as it is encountered on iOS and can solely concentrate on the main platform.

No matter which operating system you choose it only comes down to a matter of preference and we can assure you they are both top of the line when it comes to what they were intended to do.