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Apple’s iOS 10.2 has proven incredibly difficult to crack, as those that have attempted failed. The first attempts to come up with an iOS 10 Jailbreak tool only popped up months after the release of Apple’s latest operating system version. That only goes to show how well the Mac manufacturer has bolstered its defenses. A glimmer of hope showed itself after Pangu, the Jailbreak team which was expected to come up with a solution due to their previous work, finally came out of the shadows with a statement. According to what they were saying then, we should have had a jailbreaking tool ready for iOS 10 when Apple had come out with iOS 10.2.

Unfortunately for the part of the community that was waiting for the solution, that never happened as Apple gave its OS extra protection measures in the last phase of Beta testing, resulting in Pangu exiting the Jailbreak scene soon after.  That’s when Luca Todesco came along with a jailbreaking tool that works off of iOS 10.1.1.

Now, however, it looks like an iOS 10.2 solution might be made available after all. The saving grace for Jailbreak enthusiasts seems to come in the form of Stefan Esser, which is known in the community as a Jailbreak savvy iOS user. He stated that a solution for the long awaited iOS 10.2 Jailbreak would be coming soon. While “soon” isn’t really helpful for people that have been waiting ever since iOS 10 came out, it’s still something. If it turns out to be real, we might see a crack in Apple’s wall after all.

The new tool would also be a massive improvement over the one provided by Luca Todesco, working off of iOS 10.1.1. That version would require users to jailbreak their device over and over, every time the phone would be booted.