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Being the center of rumors for a long time, new speculations about Grand Theft Auto 6’s release date rose on the Internet and one of them specifically is believed to be the cause of the delay. It is believed that Rockstar are working around the clock to make GTA 6 VR compatible.

It seems like Rockstar loves to play with their fan’s patience and loyalty as they haven’t announced anything about the game’s stages of development despite having confirmed the game will most certainly happen. The developer stated that they are driving their full attention to Grand Theft Auto Online and fans should follow their move as well.

Having invested so much time and money into GTA 5, it is likely for the development of Grand Theft Auto 6 to be too much to handle right now. Reports have it that the whole process behind Grand Theft Auto 5 cost Rockstar Games a staggering $265 million.

Being heavily rumored to support VR and AR, Grand Theft Auto 6 is sure to cost a lot more money. Important details about the future game are kept secret by Rockstar as fans are demanding that the game should be released much quicker.

The game is believed to officially release somewhere around 2018 or 2020 at the same time with major console manufacturers to release their next generation devices. Not much can be said for Grand Theft Auto 6 as of now but if rumors are true it is sure to top sales in the first day of its release as it will bring to us features  which are unimaginable right now. Let’s hope that Rockstar will deliver a great game considering the hype that is building around it.