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The new Events tab in Clash of Clans has attracted a lot of attention since it was implemented as a new event has been revealed. Expect a lot of dragons to make a grand entrance in the game shortly after the Holiday event ends today. Those who wish to add a more potent firepower in the likes of Dragons will find it particularly exciting.

Following shortly after the Clashmas promotion which ends today an event which features Dragons is scheduled to begin. No other details are mentioned about this event but it sure will bring some excitement among fans. It will most likely resemble the Hog Rider event which happened before as Dragons should be available at a smaller training price.

Those who make use of them will surely receive XP and gem bonuses. If the Dragon event will be somehow similar to the Hog one it will require winning three multiplayer games with at least 10 of them present in your army.

No details were provided if this event will feature the same bonuses for both Baby and Regular Dragons. They are one of the most powerful troops available in Clash of Clans as they are required to beat any air defense as well as rapidly exterminating armies of Goblins and Barbarians as they have no air combat capabilities. Rage spells will mean pretty much nothing if one chooses to use Dragon troops.

The discounted Dragons sure sound amazing but bear in mind that you’ll need to stock some Elixir judging by the fact that these troops are a massive drain to your resources. Maintaining a strong offense means having whatever power ups needed at your disposal so make sure to save some prior to the update’s release.