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Valve issued an update for its hardware and software survey for December 2016 stating that most users prefer Windows 10 as their operating system. It is regarded by Microsoft as their fastest grower even though it has seen recent slows in sales and it doesn’t cover 25 percent of market share.

Steam figures however lock Microsoft’s Windows 10 in with over 50 percent thus denoting the fact that gamers tend to acquire the latest versions of software as soon as they come out. Windows 10 blew away its previous versions which include the likes of Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux in the first month of its release.

Shortly after two months have passed the long-reigning champion Windows 8.1 was also put aside and in 10 months it eventually dethroned Windows 7. A year has passed and we can clearly see that every other Steam user switched to Windows 10.

Windows 10 saw an increase in popularity between November and December in regard of other operating systems experiencing some drops in users’ preference. Windows reigns supreme on Steam as it has next to no competition in the likes of Apple’s Mac OS X or Linux. Windows has topped steam with over 95 percent since the beginning of time and we clearly see why. It’s highly customizable and interactive; it offers good support and good optimization for gamers to enjoy.

Judging by the fact that Windows 10 is a service it is highly different from other operating systems previous to it and what that means is it is constantly updated with fixes and features as well. A next update is scheduled for early 2017 and bears the name of Windows 10 Creators Update. Those who like gaming are in for a treat as it is rumored to feature a game mode specifically designed for them.