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If you are using the WhatsApp application, then you should know that there are two new viruses that are spreading with the help of this application. According to reports, the two new malicious virus files can hack your personal details that you have on your smartphone.

The virus files contain the names of big organizations such as NIA or NDA, which means that many users will be tricked to believe that these are authentic files and that it’s safe to download them to their devices. NIA stands for the National Investigation Agency, while the NDA is the abbreviation for the National Defense Academy.

Once you download one of these two files to your smartphone and you run it, all your personal information such as bank details, email accounts, credit cards information, will become vulnerable.

It is good to know that the Central Security Services has already issued a notification to defense and security establishments in India regarding this virus, as there are already a good amount of users who got infected with it from the mentioned country.

The two virus files are named NIA-selection-order-.xls and NDA-ranked-8th-toughest-College-in-the-world-to-get-into.xls, but it seems that there are cases when they are MS Word or PDF format (.doc or .pdf).

Once you get infected with any of these two viruses, you should know that all your passwords and PIN codes become vulnerable and this is the reason why we suggest you to change them all as soon as possible (from a clean device).

People from many security forces in India are now alerted by this WhatsApp virus, as, currently, this is the application that’s being used to spread the virus (for now). There are also rumors, which claim that these two viruses will be also sent via other popular mobile messaging applications sometime in the near future.