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WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps in most parts of the world with more than one billion users to date. This year, WhatsApp desktop became available for download. With the release of WhatsApp Web several months before this widely-used app was made available for Windows 8 and 10, users were able to take more advantage of the messaging app. And now that fans can also access WhatsApp from their PCs, more people can now get connected wherever they are.

Features and Latest Update

WhatsApp Desktop acts as an extension of your smartphone or mobile device. What it does is to mirror all the conversations and messages in your WhatsApp chat groups and lets you read and reply to these conversations via your PC and through your keyboard. One of the perks of downloading WhatsApp Desktop onto your PC is that you can multitask and reply to emails or do research while chatting with a friend using WhatsApp Messenger. This means that you can also save the battery of your smartphone since there is no need to have too many apps open. With this version, you can also send emojis as well as audio messages. It also supports Mac OS X 10.9 and higher, Windows 8 and higher, both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. With WhatsApp, users can also send PDF files, spreadsheets, documents and even slideshows.

A couple of months ago, an update was released for WhatsApp Desktop and it included several features. The version 0.2.2234 included changes, such as, capability to browse shared images, search within chats, additional emoji, improved user-interface and a button to select and share animated GIFs.

For Mac OS, WhatsApp Desktop takes up around 57.4 MB and it is available for free download. For you to enjoy this messaging app on your PC, it’s important to ensure you have the app downloaded on your smartphone.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp messenger’s new features can now be enjoyed and this means you can now have more control over your messages.