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Niantic’s Pokemon GO rapidly turned into a global phenomenon and everyone on the planet seems to have joined the hype. Some believe that this game is the first of its kind but rest assured it wasn’t. Ingress saw its release in 2013 and truth be told it has the same developer. Some say that Pokemon GO is better but loyal Ingress players will say it’s just a rip-off. We are here to compare both of them and put an end to this debate once and for all.

Pokemon Go

This game attributes its popularity due to our awesome childhood memories which were provided by the ever so popular TV show of that time. It’s extremely easy to pick up for beginners even though they have no knowledge of Pokemon whatsoever. The game offers more than can be understood at a first glance and it fits the premises of a hit game.

Pokemon GO is specifically designed to get you out of the house and explore your surroundings. It has a certain brilliance attached to it as it doesn’t give you all the needed information right from the start and it will force you to strategize a bit in order to catch’em all. Its sleek design paired with great augmented reality makes it a great game to play for both children and adults.


Introducing mechanics that are also present in Pokemon GO, Ingress didn’t quite hit a sweet spot from its release but it also confers some advantages which Pokemon GO doesn’t have. First of all, it is more of a strategy game as it introduces features like Portals which are scattered in key locations around the world. If one manages to link three of them a field is created thus giving your faction some control in that respective area.

Ingress also benefits from functions such as Missions which are area specific and forces users to get out of their homes and start exploring. The game is more community friendly as it makes Live Events scheduled every month in certain cities around the world where you have the occasion to meet all sorts of interesting new people.

No matter which game you choose to play rest assured that they are both extremely well crafted and can keep you occupied for hours on end, or at least until your smartphone’s battery runs out.