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Nintendo is a company that manages to detach itself from the Xbox vs PlayStation rivalry and plays in its own league. Depending on how you take that statement, you might agree or disagree but either way you can’t deny that Nintendo’s consoles and games cater to a particular set of gamers. It looks like Nintendo failed to impress its target audience with the Wii U console, which wasn’t nearly as geared as it should have been in terms of available games.

With Wii U not doing well at all in terms of sales, you can imagine that the pressure falls on the Nintendo Switch to bring in profit and hype for the company’s products. Surely enough, hype was more than sufficient for two marketing campaigns after people saw the trailer for Nintendo’s Switch device. The question here is, will that be enough? Or will the Switch flop just like the Nintendo console it is hoping to redeem?

First off, let’s talk about games. Consoles are the best when you have games to play on them, and not so much when they’re just sitting on a shelf looking pretty. Well those worried about not having anything to play on Switch can rest assured. So far, the list of announced games is pretty compelling with titles like Mario Kart Switch, Dragon Quest X and XI, Just Dance 2017 or Splatoon making their way to the device. As you can see, several genres are covered, and the jewel on the crown is none other than Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The next Zelda iteration will come to Ninstendo’s Switch, pleasing both newcomers and veterans alike.

Unfortunately, during the reveal trailer which featured Breath of the Wild footage, fans were able to identify some pretty nasty chopping. Not only did it go unnoticed by those watching, but there is a genuine concern that it might be the way the game looks on launch.

This brings up more concerns, this time regarding the device’s specifications. It is important to remember that the console will be considerably weaker in power once you undock it, in contrast to when it’s docked and at its full potential. Since developers will be given the possibility of capping both docked and undocked versions at the same values, that kind of shady visual style might make a return in other titles when the console isn’t docked.

All in all, Switch has every chance to be a huge success, but if these early clues are any indicator, the device will probably face some challenges before getting  its spotlight.

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