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Microsoft is aiming high in the smartphone market as they’ve scored a huge hit with the Surface lineup. It is believed that their new Surface Phone will have otherworldly specs and the best camera a phone can have sporting the Carl Zeiss tag.

The guys from Microsoft are rumored to have started working on their new Surface Phone ever since they’ve abandoned the Lumnia project, even though it will still borrow some feature from the old lineup. Microsoft’s Surface Phone is said to be more of a phablet with the Surface branding and Microsoft’s logo attached to it.

Judging from the leaked images, single grille speakers are to be found at the top paired with a 3,5mm headphone jack. The same speakers are presented at the bottom of the device next to a USB Type-C port. Spec wise, it is said to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 and run Windows 10 OS.

The Surface Phone is funneling in a lot of attention from Microsoft as they are working around the clock to tweak and optimize it for a possible 2017 launch. They are said to be running trial production test to sort out any possible flaws before its release.

According to them, Surface Phone is not a device which is passable but rather an exciting one to use. Although the leaked images seem to be genuine, no news was provided by Microsoft regarding their Surface Pro launch. Information should not be taken for granted as it is still in its development stages and is subject to significant changes in the near future.

No matter when Microsoft decides to unveil their new Surface Phone it is sure to have some fierce competition in the smartphone market as huge players will align for an exciting battle.