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March of 2016 was an interesting month as it saw the release of two Kingdom Hearts games, which include the likes of 1.5 HD Remix and 2.5HD Remix. They were both launched on Playstation 4 as part of a bundle but some were surprised to see they didn’t bring anything new to their older PlayStation 3 versions.

When asked for some explanations by Dengeki Online about any noticeable changes for this pack, Tetsuya Nomura, the game director stated that the game content is bang on the same and the sole reason they’ve gotten a remastered edition is that it makes it easier to play as it does not need six games recorded on different CD’s like it did in the past.

Looking back in time to when Square Enix brought Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster to the PlayStation 4 they’ve decided to enable cross-saving which gave users the ability to switch in between two different soundtracks which belonged to the separate games right from the game menu. This was not the case however for Kingdom Hearts.

The pack comes with a price tag of $49.99 USD and includes all the available content on one disc, instead of six. Its gameplay clocks at 60 frames per second and includes six games packed in the collection. The games include the likes of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Re: Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days , Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, Birth by Sleep Final Mix and last but not least Re: coded.

When asked about a possible Kingdom Hearts III to mark the franchise’s 15th anniversary this year, Nomura stated that there will be a lot of events to celebrate this feat such as concerts where more information will be published.