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Google’s Chromecast has more tricks up its sleeve than casting Youtube and Netflix. It can turn on your TV, play some motion controlled games, mirror websites and stream your videos to your TV. We’ve come up with some tips and tricks to help you get the most of this innovative device can do.

Turn your Chromecast and TV on simultaneously without using a remote

One can turn on both devices at the same time by using a nice piece of technology called HDMI-CEC. If the feature doesn’t work for you make sure you have it enabled from your TV’s setting menu. Once it is up and running one can stream anything from either computer or smartphone.

Stream your videos with a keyboard shortcut

If you feel like not using third party apps to stream directly from your computer to a TV, you can bind a keyboard shortcut to do so. You’ll just have to download and then enable Google Cast in the Chrome browser and press Control and O simultaneously. A pop-up box will appear and all you’ll have to do is select a video.

Mirror anything

This is a must-do for those who use Chromecast, as it enables you to view whatever you are browsing in Chrome on an a device to your TV. This is also done via Google Cast by clicking by an arrow which can be found in the upper right-hand corner. Click it and it will give you some options for casting your entire screen. It will mirror your entire screen once you have decided upon using it.

Adjust your quality

After having downloaded the Google Cast extension, click it on your browser and select the options menu. A couple of settings are being made available, one of them being setting the quality of streaming media. The options range from Standard 480p, High 720p and Extreme 720p with a higher bitrate. If you choose the latter bear in mind that you’ll need a good computer and an even better Wi-Fi connection.

Play with Emojis

If you want to personalize your streaming experience there’s an option to customize your Chromecast name by adding something imaginative. Emojis and character symbols are being made available in Chromecast options and find your device name. You’ll have to select edit and copy-paste an emoji or character symbol from your browser to the Chromecast name.

Motion controlled games

Smartphones are considered your best friend when it comes to this option. One must sync his Android or iOS device to your computer and afterwards link it to Chromecast. This will enable to use your smartphone to screen a game on your TV. This game will be controlled via smartphone motion. Think of it just like a Wii controller.

Cast TV Series with Netflix and Google Now

This amazing tip is set for people who can work their way around the app Tracker. You can make use of this specific app to create some voice commands for Google Now. You’ll just have to set a command which will enable to cast Netfilx series to your smartphone or tablet and then use Google Now. If you are a Game of Thrones enthusiast, just say “Play Game of Thrones on the TV” and the Netflix mobile app will do its magic.

Google’s Chromecast is an amazing device overall and it is regarded as the most fierce competition among media streaming devices. Its high functionality and plethora of options which can be easily access make it the best option to choose when it comes to pairing up your devices to stream content from them to a TV.