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The New Year doesn’t seem to be any kinder with Flash as it once again managed to gain the attention of the internet users through a recent issue some found with the plugin. While trying to update his Adobe Flash Player firmware, a particular user was met with more complications that were to be expected. According to the user, going to the updates page didn’t solve their issues as it was telling them that his version of Flash is out of date. Keeping in mind all the cyber attacks that were based on out of date Flash plugins, it was wise of them to consider updating.

While at first people were unable to understand the situation, specifically that this user was trying to update Flash only to be met with failure, an answer came for him in the end. It seems that installing the flash-player-nonfree application wasn’t possible until it was firstly deleted from the main repo. Once that was taken care of, the update process could go on seamlessly.

Signs of deterioration continue to emerge as Flash is plummeting into the ground from its once high tower. Once the standard and applied in virtually everything, Flash has lost that position to HTML5 in late 2016 after a series of unfavorable attacks which were executed through exploiting Adobe Flash security vulnerabilities.

By removing Flash as the default solution within its Chrome browser, Google not only made it official, but also accelerated Flash’s decay to a point where only the top 10 websites in the world in terms of hits per day haven’t yet complied to the new standard. With time, however, that will change as well, as the ancient technology that holds everything in place for Adobe’s Flash can no longer fend off attackers which by now have enough information on how Flash works to basically ignore upcoming Flash updates.