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This year is promising to become one of the most exciting ones when it comes to the video gaming industry with major releases in terms of consoles being hyped up ever since last year. Two of them include the likes of Nintendo Switch and Xbox Project Scorpio. They are both scheduled to be released somewhere this year with the Nintendo Switch expected to be released earlier.

The Xbox Project Scorpio is said to be the best and most powerful console ever created. 6Tflop is expected to come along with this giant and if rumors are true, no device will even come close to it in terms of performance, potentially on par with high end gaming PCs.

The Japanese tech giant Nintendo is playing to other tunes as it has a more than different but in no way less innovative with the Switch. It will be a dual purpose console, dubbing as a portable gaming device when undocked and a normal console in its docked state.

Spec wise, the Scorpio is borderline impressive. It will come equipped with a memory bandwidth of 320Gbps. Its specifications are clearly made for it to support 4K gaming, at the same time packing a more powerful punch than its direct rival, the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft’s future device is set to deliver a powerful gaming experience while the Nintendo Switch is cut from an entirely different fabric, aiming to appeal to other customers who prefer portability over top end performance. Despite its lower specs, it still sports a good performance as it is rumored to run almost any game which will be available for it in 2017.

No matter if you choose a hybrid console in the likes of the Nintendo Switch or the all mighty Xbox Project Scorpio they are both great devices which serve different purposes. We are sure that they will be major hits in their respective sectors and we cannot wait to see it happen.