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Before you even ask, the answer is yes: Android emulators for PCs are a thing. The way they work exactly is quite intriguing. By using such an emulator, you are able to “disguise” your computer into an Android operated device and bypass Google’s policy of only allowing apps to be downloaded from the Google Play Store from mobile devices. If you’re looking to download an app or game off the Google Play Store directly onto your computer, then you’ve come to the right place as we will list the top Android emulators for your PC.


Andy wins through its simplicity and efficiency. With a simple to use interface and a very compelling price tag ( it’s free), Andy manages to take the cake as one of the best emulators you can get. On top of its accessibility, this software also gives you access to a couple of features such as communication re-routing, multi-platform app usage and one of the coolest features, using your smartphone to control an Android game played on your computer.


Similar to Andy, this emulator is free and comes graphic enhancing capabilities that focus on keeping the visual experience true. In a similar manner to how Andy allows you to use your phone to play games on your PC, so does Droid4x as well allow you to use the phone and keyboard when playing games.


Designed around a fresher Android version, Nox provides what other emulators do and more. Through Nox you can guarantee yourself a direct line to Google’s Play Store from your PC, meaning that you won’t have to constantly go back to your phone whenever you want to download a new app to then try on the PC.


Xamarin is a little different than the other presented apps. While other emulators excelled at converting mobile gaming into PC gaming of sorts, Xamarin is more developer oriented as it offers the same functions you might find on another emulator but also ads some really nice testing and developing tools for both new and existing apps.