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If you find yourself just starting off with Snapchat or you have been using it for some time, making the best snaps out there is what you are aiming for and we have devised some tips and tricks to let you do just that. Making your friends smile and putting yourself in the center of attention is sure to go a long way on social media so be sure to follow these simple steps.

Know Your Layer Filters

We are sure that all of you know that swapping left or right on the app adds different layer tinted filters such as time, date and geofilters but you actually have the possibility of adding even more by swiping to the first filter that you want. Go ahead and pick a colored one as it’s the easiest and tap your screen followed by a swipe. This will enable you to add layer upon layer of filters to a maximum of three.

Three People Faceswap

One of the most funny and popular lens of Snapchat is the Faceswap. People are going crazy over it and trying swapping with their friends, family, parrots, you name it. It is however possible to have three people in a picture and swap your faces. You’ll just have to fully stand in your frame. A selfie stick might come in handy in order for this to work. If it doesn’t work try restarting the app or find better lighting conditions.

External Lenses

These are some great additions which will make your Snaps unique from those of your friends as they will most likely stand out from the crowd more. Coming at a dirt cheap price and being so easy to store and carry around make sure to pack some with you on your next holiday. You’ll just have to clip them on to your phone’s camera and start snapping.

Write Some Poetry

Straight after Snapchat’s release its users only had the ability of writing a single line on their pictures. This changed however and snaps can now see the addition of about two, but this can be changed. You’ll just have to open the Notes app and write your text there. Afterwards, just copy the text that you have written and paste it into your snap.

Strategically Place Your Emojis

Snapchat is an app that lets everyone who uses it becomes a movie director as it lets you make use of some extraordinary special effects. Turn your boring videos in something more exciting by strategically placing some emojis over a snap. Try thinking outside the box and come out with your own ones.

Make Good Use Of Editing

Not long ago the Memories feature was introduced to Snapchat and it enables users to upload directly from their camera library. No matter how innovative this might seem it still disappears after 10 seconds and you’ll have to make the most of it. Try downloading every camera app that is available on the market and edit around your photo to make sure you get the best result possible before snapping it.

Change Perspectives

Go ahead and play with different camera perspectives to surprise your friends with the most creative Snapchat effects. This can be achieved by switching the phone’s camera to its front or back when filming something and it will surely be regarded as unique and creative. Try out different angles, lighting conditions, effects and zooming.

Next time when you think about snapping a picture or video have in mind these tricks and tricks to make you stand out from your friends and make your Snapchat experience more exciting and unique.