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Thanks to “modded” apps like WhatsApp Plus, you can take your WhatsApp experience to another level. They’re not exactly an official part of the messaging app, but they’re not malware or something destructive either. In fact, the Plus edition has someone really nifty features.

For one, it allows you to customize WhatsApp in many ways, what with features that are only available in Plus. You can change the messaging window by switching from one color to another in the color palettes, rather than stick with the default.

You also have an option to use different backgrounds to differentiate one WhatsApp conversation from another. It may be purely aesthetics, but it can improve your messaging experience to a certain degree. Visual appeal does make an impact on various aspects.

Before you can have fun, however, you need to install WhatsApp Plus properly. You have to make sure any existing WhatsApp app, official version or not, is uninstalled, so as not to mess up with the custom ROMs.

Once everything is installed – Plus and the official messaging app, open options in WhatsApp and tap on Plus, so you can change your settings and customize chat conversations.

It’s just unfortunate that WhatsApp successfully shut down WhatsApp Plus, and the “modded” app is no longer available for download. It is not supported either, and developers from WhatsApp put a ban on it for safety and privacy reasons.

But even without the Plus edition, you can still customize WhatsApp’s background and theme through the Chat settings > Wallpaper. It may not be as smooth as what Plus offers, but it’s better than nothing.

If you’ve heard of WhatsApp Blue, then that’s another modded app that you should explore. It’s not banned, but you would do well to compare WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Blue vs. WhatsApp Plus before you install anything.

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