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Minecraft 1.7.10 brought to its fans a new Call To Battle mod and it is believed to be close to perfect war experience in the world of Minecraft. This update also fixed some bugs and is also believed to be the biggest update that it received.

This mod is regarded as one of the most accurate ones to date as it has enthusiasts stating that it is heavily made around the events of World War II. It not only reenacts famous battles including the likes of US vs Germany but also some of the lesser known as such as Italy vs China. Minecraft 1.7.10 also comes with new weapons and a lot of special features.

Do bear in mind that this mode can also be made with Dynamic Lights. Other important additions are the addition of Mud On Weapons and Blood On Weapons as well as a new Call To Battle options menu and a lot of new weapons and special features.

This update has also brought a fix to bugs which include the likes of the strange MG rotation and MG bouncing a player up when mounting. Mojang have been quite busy lately and they’ve reportedly classified it as the biggest one yet on Xbox One and Playstation 4 devices. This update may pack additional content as rumored by tech enthusiasts notwithstanding its features which changed.

Mojang are known to be receptive from console users as they were left behind their PC and MAC counterparts who received a lot more updates and attention from the developer. This mod which also features new ambient sounds and enhanced dust particles is sure to raise some interest among fans regardless of which platform they are playing it on. Be sure to check it out as we assure you it will prove more than interesting.