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Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 Online has encountered a great deal of success in 2016 and it will be no stranger to it this year as well as its developer has big plans for it. They’ve just tweaked it up with an update which includes new bonuses, vehicle and a game mode.

Starting with the bike which bears the exotic name of Pegassi FCR 1000, it is available to buy in GTA Online and is described as an old school piece of machinery that will fit every hipster’s desires. Staying in the same addition theme, Rockstar introduced a new game mode entitled Vehicle Vendetta.

This game mode will have the likes of you and your friends teamed up against a team of motorized bullies which all compete for power-ups that have the power to single-handedly turn the tides of battle. Some of these power ups are borderline insane and are comprised of “Beast” which transforms you into a Rhino Tank, “Detonator” which removes all obstacles in an area, “Bomb” which is pretty much straightforward and an interesting “Random” which enables you to collect any power-up.

A special prize is able through January 17th for fans who play this mode as they will be awarded double GTA$ and RP. Rockstar are believed to slowly back down their support for GTA Online in spring 2017 as they will be most likely preparing for other game developing.

Some DLCs are said to make their appearance into the game as names such as Police Mission functionality as well as Hunting features are rumored to hit GTA Online pretty soon. Freemode will also be included but no information was stated about this one.

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