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Grand Theft Auto 5 was launched a couple years back, but GTA Online is still doing work for developer Rockstar. The popularity of the GTA 5 multiplayer mode is railing in armies of players at a time and the constant updates and fresh content packs keep the experience interesting. If you’ve been hanging out over in Los Santos this past weekend, then you have probably noticed that Rockstar dropped a new update which brings the holiday season to the game. The developer first introduced GTA 5 to a snowy environment in the very beginning of its story mode, when you guide Michael through a New Yankton heist. The warm, LA- like environment that took the spotlight afterwards prevented us from having too much extra contact with the snowy scenery.

GTA Online is all about events and how the community comes together for such events. During this winter event that has taken over GTA Online, players can fight each other with snowballs, taking a break from the monotone guns and army grade artillery.

Since creating a new event and update just around throwing snowballs wouldn’t be very productive from a marketing point of view, there are also brand new features that are bound to entice both veteran players and newcomers as well. There is a new game mode called Juggernaut, where each team has an armored and armed car which the other team must destroy before the same happens to theirs. On top of that, car enthusiasts will be happy to hear that the Pfister Comet has been made available with the addition of the ability of major customization. Taking cars through an aftermarket overhaul is something all car enthusiasts are dying to get more of.

It’s nice to see that Rockstar keeps a close eye on the GTA Online community and pays attention to what people want from the game. Also, bringing a new event in a time of celebration only adds to the overall quality of the game.

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