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The Google Play Store app is one of the most important apps an Android users can have on their devices. As you can probably tell from its name, it takes you to Google’s marketplace for mobile apps. The Play Store is where you go to gear your device with the latest and greatest applications. As with any app on an Android handset, you can update the Google Play Store over the air, but for some that might not be an option.

Although for many it might be the preferred choice, the lack of an internet connection of an unfavorable geographical positioning might lead to the need of finding and alternative solution. If you’re in such a situation, fear not. There’s an easy way to update the Play Store app, and it’s just as fast. All you require is the Play Store APK file for the latest build. Of course, downloading this will require an internet connection as well, but you can download it on a PC or have a friend bring it over, so not having mobile internet won’t completely nullify your chances of updating the app.

Next off, simply copy the APK file into your device’s internal memory and then access it through the phone’s interface. Tap it to commence the installation process and go through the steps to install the update.  Just as a note, installing apps that don’t come from the app store will require you to enable the Third Party Apps option on your device so that third party APK files have permission to install on a specific phone.

As you can see, the process is over before you know it and updating your apps couldn’t have been easier. Due to the importance of the Google Play Store app, keeping it constantly updated is a good idea as in return it takes care of all your other apps.

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