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For over a decade now, Google Earth enabled pretty much anyone who has access to an Internet connection to visit every corner of this planet from the comfort of their homes. Despite this, even a better version of Google Earth is available and it used to cost a whopping $400. Now it’s free and few people know of its existence. It’s called Google Earth Pro and we are here to provide you some useful information on how to use it.

Start Touring

Not only does Google Earth Pro let you explore the stars and our very own planet but it also has the ability to record your virtual journeys. One has the option to film in street view or normal mode and even share it online. They are stored in KML and KMZ files meaning that they can only be opened with Google Earth and some other specialized apps.

The KML can be edited and it films in crazy high quality despite lacking the possibility of producing 4K video content. They can be saved and edited later and even shared on popular social media websites such as Youtube or Facebook.

Start Learning About The World

If you ever find yourself wondering about what the world has to offer, Google Earth Pro will answer most of your questions. A lot of demographic and geographic data is widely made available for each person to learn. Not only is this an interesting feature but this data can also be stored and later imported via an XML file.

Dodge Bad Traffic

If you find yourself moving into a new neighborhood, using Google Earth Pro might come in handy. It adds more layers to work with than the previous version as it gives you the option of having access to historical traffic data. It’s not made available for real-time situations as Google Maps but it sure comes in handy when you want to make a more efficient commuting route.