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Those keeping up with the smartphone manufacturer Gionee will be pleased to find out that the company was teasing the release of a new handset. Through the power of the internet, images and specifications of the device have ended up online and since they leaked for all eyes to behold, we thought we would give you the scoop. The smartphone promises an interesting spec combination that will surely spark your curiosity at the very least.

Starting off with the display, the handset will allegedly have 5.5 inches and will produce a max resolution of 1280 x 720 through its IPS LCD screen.  The screen also features 2.5D water drop technology and is placed on top of the front panel. Underneath the panel however, we will be able to find the hardware components which will run the device. There will be a quad core processing unit housing a 1.5 GHz frequency.

The RAM capacity is capped at 3 GB, meaning that the device cannot really compete with top of the line smartphones from this point of view. Additionally, there will be a 13 MP camera on the rear panel which will complement the front side 8 MP shooter. To fuel all these components, Gionee brings forward a 3150 mAH battery unit.

With the internal specifications not being anything earth shattering, it is obvious that the manufacturer is looking to put all the focus on the smartphone’s display. On top of the already mentioned specifications, the display will also come with split screen capabilities which will allow users to view multiple windows at the same time while using the P8 MAX.

There are several differences between the P8 MAX and the P7 MAX, including a processor downgrade. Last year’s device came with a superior octa core 2.2 GHz processing unit.