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One of the reoccurring tech subjects of 2016 was the release of a Jailbreak solution for Apple’s iOS 10. Many things were said and very little was done, as the whole situation took a turn for the worse for the Apple community expecting a way to jailbreak their iPhones. Over three months into the release of iOS 10, there was no Jailbreak option in sight, with the likes of Pangu making no statements whatsoever. Reassurances came in the form of a Pangu statement which let expecting users know that a Jailbreak tool would be arriving for iOS 10 shortly after Apple officially releases iOS 10.2. That transformed into a fiasco for Pangu which has left the scene since then.

Luca Todesco picked up the torch and let everyone know that they should keep using iOS 10.1.1 instead of upgrading to iOS 10.2. Shortly after that people were graced with a fresh Jailbreak option which works off of that particular firmware. Many that did not listen to Luca Todesco’s advice ended up regretting it, but the Jailbreak adventure may not be over for them yet.

Those waiting for a 10.2 solution can now rejoice as Stefan Esser, which is also known throughout the jailbreaking community, has Tweeted about an iOS 10.2 Jailbreak project. While the tweet wasn’t filled to the brim with juicy details, it did say that it was coming “soon”. Of course, we all know what “soon” means on the internet, so there’s chance it could still be a while before we see anything. However, if Esser remains true to his words and rewards our patience with an iOS 10.2 Jailbreak tool, it could not only patch up the issues found within Luca Todesco’s iOS 10.1.1 solution but also replaced completely.