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There’s no doubt that there’s a great competitive spirit between different hardware manufacturers and that every company thrives to become the industry standard in PC setups. AMD is surely looking into making some changes to what is considered the best, with help from its new VEGA architecture. AMD is looking to push the new VEGA 10 to the top and revamp its product solution catalogue. During a showcase, VEGA 10 was captured pumping a maximum of 68 FPS into the 4K Ultra HD version of Doom, which isn’t bad at all but still not quite up to par with what a GTX 1080 might offer you.

Previously to the arrival of VEGA 10, AMD was working with the MI6 and MI8 architectural designs, which weren’t very efficient when it came to top market performance, thus not being able to match the offerings of other designs such as the P4 or P40 from NVIDIA. The problem however is that, according to several professionals, the release of VEGA might be a little too late, and that it might have been better timed last year. The current release could have us see a relatively short lifespan since NVIDIA is already prepping the release of Volta and Pascal in 2017.

There will be several available models, but out of the ones using the new VEGA 10 architecture, the one that sticks out the most is the MI25. While the others are not what might considered close to the peak of efficiency, MI25 is looking to bring high efficiency to the table for AMD.

It will be interesting to see how the VEGA 10 architecture continues to evolve from a market spread point of view, and if it will be able to cause some power shifts in the top side of architectural solutions.