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Adobe’s Flash Player will most likely meet its demise somewhere this year as we are eagerly waiting for the new Windows 10 Creators Update. The likes of Apple, Mozilla and Chrome already cancelled their support for the Flash extension in 2016 and more are sure to follow this trend.

It is rumored that a few sites will make an exception but Flash will be disabled by default everywhere else. If you do however want to stay classy it is said that Flash will be click-to-run as of this year, just like advertisements in Windows 10 Anniversary update.

Flash Player will not be automatically loaded or be made available on websites automatically and it will have to be manually enabled if users choose to do so. Not only is the Flash Player going to be replaced with better and more innovative software but also will disappear completely over the next couple of years.

Microsoft will probably come up with a list of which sites will still be using Flash Player but it is most likely that they will narrow it down to the point that they will decide if they have control over using Flash Player or not.

HTML5 is proving to be a better alternative for website developers and will also increase the functionality of Microsoft’s browser. The transition is surely regarded as being in the long run but the lack of ads and unwanted animation content sure does sound promising to users.

Adobe is sure to be dealt a harsh blow by Microsoft and most major browsers as users are assured they will have a better, safer and a lot faster browsing experience.