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Getting connected with our friends and family used to be through snail mails and landlines but with the evolution of internet and technology, we now have emails, mobile phones and video calls. Messaging apps were also introduced that allowed users to send audio and video files, chat, make calls and send emojis.

While these breakthroughs are considered practical and helpful, these apps also expose us to people we don’t really want to get in touch with. Or perhaps, former friends and colleagues that are too bothersome that we just don’t want them to be in the chain. The way to do this is to block them in our messaging app. It can also be that it’s the opposite. Other people might block us for reasons they only know.

Do you want to block someone from WhatsApp, Viber or WeChat? Are you wondering if you have been blocked as well?


If you want to know if you have been blocked by someone, there are some indicators to let you know. One would be not being able to see when the person who you think blocked you last went online or the “last seen” text. Also, you no longer see updates on his or her contact profile photo.  If you try to call that person, you will not be able to get your call through. WhatsApp cannot tell if a person has blocked you or vice versa because they want to protect the security of their users. Conversely, if you block someone in WhatsApp, you will not also be able to send messages or call that person unless you unblock him or her.


Unlike in WhatsApp, there is no clear indicator if someone has blocked from their Viber account. However, there will always be ways to check it or at least, speculate on it. If a person blocked you, you can still see the person’s information on your contact list but you will not be able to see updates like the last time that person was online. As for sending messages, you can still do but this particular individual will not be able to read your messages. On the other hand, if you want to block someone from Viber, you can do so from the Viber “Block” feature.


Released in 2011, WeChat is another multi-platform messaging and calling app that allows group chats, audio, video and photo sharing as well as text messages. If someone has blocked you in WeChat, you will not be able to see their “Moments” even if you check that person’s profile from a group. If you try to add that person to a group, you will receive a message that says, “Name of Person declined group invitation”. Another trick to check if someone blocked you is by creating a group of at least 39 contacts. Next, check on automatic messages, such as “Your name requires friend requests. Send a request first. You two can connect when it is accepted.” If you read something like this, that person has blocked or deleted you from their contact list.

Before you text or confront your friend about this issue, it helps to know how to tell if someone has blocked you on Viber and WhatsApp or any other messaging app.