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WhatsApp is the most popular text messaging app in the world boasting an active user base of over one billion. There are many reason behind the app’s popularity such as being used on almost all available platforms, but what really makes WhatsApp shine over its competition is the fact that the developers behind the app are providing users with a constant stream of software updates that bring innovative and useful features every day.

The Facebook owned app recently introduced the highly anticipated video calling feature which has finally put WhatsApp up at par with Apple’s FaceTime and Google’s Duo. This feature has been added on both iOS and Android platforms and it’s considered as a direct shot towards Apple and Google. This feature comes in quite handy because usually WhatsApp users would have to access a second app in order to make video calls but now they have everything they need in one place.

Everybody managed to send a message by accident, maybe it was meant for someone else or it didn’t include all the necessary information and WhatsApp knows that too well because recent reports are showing that WhatsApp is about to introduce a “revoke” option. This option will gives users the ability to delete any sent message the catch is that users need to be quick about it because only “unseen” messages will be deleted. This feature can be activated by pressing and holding a message and the “Edit and Revoke” options will pop-up.

Worth nothing is that this feature was spotted only on the iOS beta version of WhatsApp and it’s still going through its testing processes but once it reaches a final build it will be rolled out to the wide public. Also, readers should keep in mind that this feature will initially be set as disabled automatically and they need to enable it themselves.