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The Apple Watch finally offers support for fans of the ever so popular Niantic game for its fans to play it on the device. Pokemon Go has been recently made available on this platform as well and fans are going crazy over the prospect of such device running it.

This comes as not a surprise as the Apple Watch is a powerful device which sports only a one inch screen. The developers from Niantic have managed to work around the clock to tweak and optimize their game to fit on such little amount a space with a great deal of success. We are going to give you a few tips on how to make it work.

How To Find Them

Constantly staring at your watch will not get you anywhere as it does on the smartphone version of the game. It will however automatically detect how many calories you’ve burn and how much distance you’ve covered and will notify you if one critter is standing nearby.

How To Catch Them

As major game functions such as claiming items at PokeStops are made available on the Apple Watch, the app will give you a notification the same way your phone does and you can spin the icon to grab your prize. It does not work well with catching Pokemon and you will have to dash out your smartphone in order to do that.

How To Hatch Them

This function works pretty well even without having to use your phone as it only requires a player to walk a distance. If you happen to have an egg incubating just walk the require distance and as long as you burn those calories, the egg will hatch by itself. It will give its user a notification when it is about to hatch and you’ll just have to check what you’ve got.