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Apple had already released the latest iOS version this month, with the iOS 10.2 update with the Apple TV and new emojis. Meanwhile, from the jailbreak community’s side, an iOS jailbreak tool version 10.1.1 has already been released, courtesy of known internet security researcher, Luca Todesco and according to a tweet from German hacker, Stefan Esser, another team is already working on an iOS 10.2 jaibreak release.

The said iOS 10 jailbreak tool from Todesco is only a beta 4 version and as he mentioned, it is still unstable. Moreover, he made it clear that it is also semi-untethered. With that, he meant that every instance that the device will be rebooted, it will also require a re-jailbreak. Moreover, it is not advisable for users to try it since it was really designed for developers. Beta users need to be careful and wary that if an error is made, it is not possible to upgrade or downgrade to another iOS. This was because Apple has stopped signing for iOS 10.1.1 since an upgrade is already available. Those who have upgraded will be stuck with iOS 10.2.

In another development, the jailbreak community has a list of tweaks and apps that are supported by the recent jailbreak tool. This includes the Cydia Substrate, PreferenceLoader, Substrate Safe mode, AdvancedSettings8, 3D Touch and 3D Switcher, among others. There is also DeleteForever, Cydia Installer, Cylinder and CrashReporter.

The current iOS 10 jailbreak tool being unstable means that it can come with unwanted tweaks. Since the jailbreak tool is under “pre-released” software status, more bugs will probably be identified by developers. In the event that a tweak goes haywire, it can force an iTunes restoration.

As for the release of an iOS jailbreak tool anytime soon, it might be wise for users to just wait. But since iOS 10.2 update is having issues, the waiting might better be for a stable iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak tool, instead.

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