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iPhone enthusiasts are in for a treat as Apple’s just released a software update for its premium devices and it sure brings some exciting features to the table. Here are the most important ones to mention.

New Emojis

Upgrading to iOS 10.2 gives users a wide array of 72 new emojis to enjoy as if they weren’t already. It seems like our means of communication is constantly changing and Apple is in no way behind in this area of expertise.

Camera Settings Save

Not too long ago exiting the camera meant reverting back to its original settings. Not for now as this update brings out a Preserve Settings option to the table which will make the lives of photography enthusiasts a tad easier.

Resume A Text

It seldom happened for iOS users to lose their text in the quick response bubble when switching to full-screen. This was elegantly fixed in 10.2 and you now can revise your text even though you have open a full screen window from the lock screen.

New TV App

Apple’s new iOS update brought to light a new TV app which lets users enjoy the feeling of a guide for movies and TV shows which are available via streaming services. This app might come in handy for video content recommendations and organizing.

Updated Media

A couple of apps got some minor tweaks and optimizations which let them run more smoothly and easier. The Photos app now groups similar photos more accordingly and more raw cameras were added. Another great feature is the swipe-up music control which now includes shuffle, repeat and up next. The last and greatest addition is a “saved” section where iPhone users can save stories for further reading.