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We are coming to a close and tech giants are looking for one final push before finally laying down arms and drawing a line for 2016. While some are already looking back and analyzing their performance in this year’s tech market, some companies are already looking forward, as we are mere days away from January 2017. One of these companies is HTC. The smartphone manufacturer is apparently preparing some new goodies for its users.

In the hopes of maintaining on the top tier of the smartphone market, HTC will likely look to push a new flagship model, which fans are speculating to come in the form of an HTC 11. While there are no confirmed news about this possibility, fans are left to only speculate. Rumors don’t stop there, however, as HTC is allegedly planning the 2017 release of another handset, namely the HTC x10. Unlike the HTC 11, this device is set to function as a mid-ranged option for those who can’t afford a full blown flagship unit that comes with an appropriate price tag.

The HTC x10 mid range device is said to come with some pretty compelling specs. Among these specs we count the 3 GB of RAM and 5.5 inch 1080p display. Under the hood we have a MediaTek Helio P10 processing unit that will help the handset run smoothly. There will also be a 13 MP camera on the rear panel which will ensure you can immortalize precious moments.

Coming with an approximate price tag of $290, it’s safe to say that the new HTC x10 will have no problem selling to its targeted consumer base. There’s a rising demand for mid-ranged devices since the high end flagship prices are harder and harder to consider convenient. While they offer a lot of features, some people just don’t have that kind of money these days.