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Right after the launch of “Red Dead Redemption 2” rumors started to flood the internet regarding the state of the new Grand Theft Auto. It’s already in the development stage and is rumored to be made available somewhere around 2018.

The release date is still subject to change as Rockstar is planning to release a sequel for “Red Dead Redemption” and a Christmas DLC for GTA 5. They are steadily making bank from GTA 5 and GTA Online considering its release in 2013. Judging just from that it is clearly that Rockstar will most likely push the release date further back.

Notwithstanding its release date, GTA 6 is sure to bring something unexpected to the table as it will most likely feature a first ever female protagonist. There’s maybe time for a change because all of their games in the GTA franchise which made its debut in 1997 and continued way up to GTA 5 featured a male lead with some personality issues and criminal background.

The game will most likely be released somewhere between 2018 and 2020 considering the release of new high end consoles such as the Playstation 5 and XBOX TWO. Great graphics are to be expected along with improvements in terms of gameplay and complexity.

It will most likely take place somewhere around San Fierro or Las Venturas but no further statements were issued by the guys at Rockstar. These rumors however have to be addressed soon and until then we can only wait in patience for them to give us even a small teaser.

Considering that they’re taking some time in completing this project and that they have divided two separate teams which worked on Red Dead Redemption and GTA separately it will surely come out as a great game.

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