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The reality we live in has shaped to offer an experience that is increasingly different than what we remember in regards to childhood and being a kid growing up. Today’s younglings often times spend their free time on smartphones and tablets, making the toys of old such as dolls or action figures pretty much obsolete. In a world where kids and smart devices are hard to separate, it is important to maintain a position of command as a parent, and to supervise your child’s actions while using the tablet or smartphone. That being said, let’s go over some really cool parental control apps that you can use.

Kid’s Place

This app provides a series of functions that facilitate your kid’s time on the device. A lot of minor things that can happen are bound to prematurely end the child’s playtime. On this list you can put down things like pressing the Home button by mistake or   Exit button inside an app. Kid’s Place can be programmed so that it restarts apps once that happens. If you have multiple kids of different ages, you can set up different profiles for each one.

Xooloo App Kids

This one is similar to Kid’s Place, in the sense that it comes with a multitude of options as to how to prevent your kid from doing what they’re not supposed to do. Additionally, it also offers a safe browsing option, which keep internet pages clean and blocks access to websites your kid shouldn’t have access to. The browser protection feature can only be found on the paid version of the app, but you might want to consider it since it does a good job of protecting your kid.

Parentsaround Parental Control

This app might be what you’re looking for if you have multiple platforms to worry about. If your kid switches from phone to tablet to desktop and back to phone, you should give Parentsaround a try. The best part about this service is that all the connected devices can be monitored from one control point, through a web application.