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Few things should be known before purchasing a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. It’s a great device overall and we are here to put you in the know with a few words of advice on how you can get the most out of a tablet which can replace your laptop completely. Be sure to check them out and follow them thoroughly as they will eventually lead to understanding the device’s complexity.

Change Your Settings

Your default privacy settings which come with Windows 10 will not simply do. Before you even think of connecting to the Internet try to triple check your settings in order to make sure that no information is going to be provided to unwanted parties.

Keep Updating

Right after you’ve established a stable internet connection, make sure you have Windows 10 running at its latest version. If you find yourself stuck with a lot of updates try not to mind it as it will ensure that you’ll run into no problems

Windows Defender

Microsoft is keeping the pace with anti-virus developers and they are doing a pretty good job at it. Before installing a third party app which will offer you some protection give Windows Defender a go as it will protect your device through the early stages of using it.

Cortana Bridging

Cortana is basically an app that fills the gap between your Surface Pro 4 and a smartphone. Being both available on Android and iOS, it is much more than a search engine as it mirrors notifications, appointments, notes and even lets you use the Surface Pro to replay to messages.

Windows Hello

As an extra security measure as if we didn’t have enough, Windows Hello was made available on a few devices and it lets its user to log into the device by flashing your face right in front of the screen. Having a futuristic feel it sure will provide some extra security feeling.