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Rumored to go all out with its future model, the Cupertino-based tech giant is sure to blow away their competition with their next-gen Apple Watch 3. It is said to come with features which will make it stand above their rivals and is rumored to make its appearance somewhere around September 2017.

Apple’s smartwatch division is going to receive a fresh start exactly a year after the current Apple Watch Series 2 was launched. It is believed however that they will issue some new straps for their watches somewhere around the second quarter of 2017.

The Apple Watch 3 is said to keep its sleek and ergonomic design that made it so famous. Apple hasn’t issued any previews of their smart division but it is widely believed that the Apple Watch 3 will come in two storage variants which come at 4GB and 8GB. If this proves to be true users will now tend to use their watches more rather than their paired smartphones.

It is believed that Apple will even include a camera which was planned some time ago to be incorporated into the front bezel of Apple Watch Series 2.  If this feature appears on the Apple Watch 3 series users could even take selfies and most importantly video call their contacts.

Unfortunately this is all there is to know as of now about the future of Apple’s smartwatch devices but if rumors are true it is said to revolutionize the smartwatch market. We will keep you posted if more rumors arize. The next year will prove out to be a very interesting one as many other manufacturers will come up with innovations and great design to keep the battle interesting.