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Windows 10 is a much discussed operating system, many arguing about its strong points and its not so strong points as well. Gaming is a popular subject among PC users, so it is no surprise that the topic often times pops up when talking about Microsoft’s PC platform. Some argue that Windows 10, although a step up from previous releases, isn’t providing a suitable gaming environment and that gaming performance is reduced on the OS.

It looks like Microsoft might be coming out with a solution for that particular user spectrum, as rumors claim the Windows developer is working to come out with a Game Mode for Windows 10. The speculations aren’t out of nowhere as Windows 10 build 14997 gave curious individuals important hints about this potential new feature. To be more precise, they found a .dll file called gamemode.dll which gave away the feature.

The way this would apparently work, is that the Windows 10 Game Mode would see to it that the computer doesn’t allocate a lot of resources to background processes which normally are a potent culprit in such affairs. These sort of optimizations would see to it that once fired up, a game can run at its intended capacity or at the very least at a much higher performance rate than before. Since all resources will be allocated to the running game, many believe this will make PC gaming much more competitive in contrast with console gaming.

If this feature goes through and will be available in the next Windows major update, it will be one of many features brought forth by Microsoft supporting PC gaming. After completely ditching PC gaming on Windows 8, Microsoft did a 180 and is now an avid supporter, encouraging and enhancing gaming on Windows 10 PCs.