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The latest update about WhatsApp has led people to wonder when it will be released for the public. Reports say that WhatsApp is going to allow users to delete certain messages even after being sent to its recipient. You can just imagine how you can delete an angry text or stop sending messages to the wrong person.

According to reports, this new update is still being tested, but it should be a helpful feature. This might only be functional, as long as your recipient has not read the message yet. Thus, you will be able to send it to the recycle bin.

New Updates

Currently, it has been tested with the beta software for iPhone. Users claimed that the trial allowed them to revoke their messages. Thus, the recipient would get a note saying that the message has been revoked by the sender.

  1. Preview of Archived Files. WhatsApp is still testing another feature that should allow users to preview contents from files sent in archive, which include ZIP and RAR files.
  2. Streaming Videos. Reports say that users will be able to view streaming videos as they download. Accordingly, this feature has solely been featured for beta users only. This will allow users to play videos immediately without waiting for the download.
  3. Animated GIF Image Support. Users will be able to send GIF through the attached file button that will open the device’s Gallery. Thus, they will be able to find the right GIF file to share to recipients.

WhatsApp did not release any confirmation yet and its rollout date is yet unclear. In fact, no word has come up when these features will be available for beta users of the Android platform.

The only problem is that WhatsApp will no longer work on some mobile phone models beginning 2017. This means that millions will not be able to get support from WhatsApp.