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With the popularity of WhatsApp going nowhere but up, it’s not a surprise that other messaging apps are popping out like crazy, some of which share similarities with WhatsApp. Take WhatsApp Blue, for example.

It’s not affiliated with WhatsApp, and it’s not an official application either. In fact, you won’t find it on the Google Play store, because it’s illegal. This should tell a lot about whether or not you can use it as a substitute for WhatsApp. But because it’s not banned or anything, you can download and install it, if you really want to check it out.

The WhatsApp Blue Edition v1.4 Mod APK is actually based on one of WhatsApp’s versions – 2.12.236. It has the new PNG files and some bug fixes. Before you test it out, however, you should back up all your messages in the official WhatsApp app.

Should you try the Blue Edition or not? The choice is up to you.

With one blue out of the way, let’s tackle one of WhatsApp cheats that also has something to do with the color blue – the blue ticks. These refer to the two check marks that usually appear next to a message that indicates that the intended recipient has already read the message. The sender will then wait for a reply, if they’re expecting one.

But what if you don’t what the sender to know you’ve read the message, so you don’t have to reply? What if you don’t want to know that the recipient already read the message, but chose to ignore it because you didn’t get a reply?

This is where taking care of the blue ticks will come in handy, especially if that other person is an ex or someone you want to ignore.

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy
  3. On the Privacy window, toggle the switch off on “Read Receipts”. This will affect all of WhatsApp’s messages. FYI.

Want to learn more about WhatsApp Blue? Find out more.

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