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One of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp’s most fierce competitor, Viber, has added some new and interesting features to keep the battle of messaging apps going. One of its new traits is that users are now able to send video messages between each other on the push of a button.

This update will also bring in more interesting features including the likes of Chat Extensions which will enable its users to get hold of information quicker from third party providers. It will firstly include apps such as Wikipedia, TheMovieDB and Giphy. It will also feature some tweaks regarding performance and a refresh of the app’s iconography.

Michael Shmilov, the COO of Viber announced that this update should be made available any moment now on Android and iOS platform. The app is currently enjoying a huge amount of success as it can boast with over 260 million active users and 800 registered ones. It currently competes with the likes of Facebook Messenger, Kik, WeChat, Line and WhatsApp.

Even with these additions Viber is still trying to keep up with the Joneses as these features were made available on other competing apps a long time ago. If they do not come up with something new anytime soon they will most likely fade away.

Viber users do however enjoy some advantages such as creating a standalone service which is accessible from the messaging screen as it makes sending videos way easier than the way it functions in competitor’s apps.

In the race of which is the best messaging app Viber is still trying to go strong but it will eventually get out-gunned by its competition. They all serve their purpose and it only comes down to a matter of preference in choosing which one to use.

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