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Nintendo is undoubtedly a very popular brand even to this day, with its classic titles such as the Mario franchise or The Legend of Zelda surviving the test of time and prospering even to this day. Appealing to newer generations as well as old, Nintendo has been confronted with an issue that it finally silenced. The Freeshop service was a means for users to download and play full 3DS titles for free. Obviously, Nintendo wasn’t too happy about this as it was a huge business detriment for the company. It looks like Nintendo had no more of it, as a DMCA order was presented to the Freeshop camp.

Not only is Freeshop officially required to seize operation, but it is also no longer obtainable from Github. Regardless of how many people understand the fact that Freeshop was wrongfully damaging Nintendo’s business, it is understandable how fans from each side might be upset since it was a way to get free games after all.

That being said, Nintendo also managed to spread some holiday joy on its customers with the fresh addition of Mario Kart 64 to the Nintendo 3DSXL collection. This might be just what Nintendo fans needed to take the removal of Freeshop more lightly, as Mario Kart 64 is an absolute classic.

An interesting thing to take note of is the fact that users which already had the Freeshop app installed are still able to use it unlike users that didn’t have installed when it was taken down. No one knows how long this little privilege will last but one thing’s for sure: Nintendo probably isn’t too happy about you continuing to download their content through an app they fought to close down. In the days to come, we might hear more news about the usability of what are now the remnants of Freeshop.