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Although WhatsApp uses a SIM card’s phone number as an ID, it can still work without the SIM card itself. Confused?

Put simply, WhatsApp can be installed and will work as normal, even without a SIM card, as long as there’s a phone number that can be used for verification. The idea is to get past the verification process and then you’ll be set. There are several tricks to make this work. Some of which may not involve a SIM card at all.

One of your options is to use a Landline Number. The SMS verification may fail at first, which will prompt a robot to call your landline number through the “Call Me” verification process. The robot will then provide you with the verification number necessary to activate your WhatsApp account. Just type it in, and you’re done.

Another option would be to use a “TextNow App” to obtain a TextNow number, which will yield the same result as the landline number. Leave the robot to help you get past the verification stage.

But what if you want to install WhatsApp on a tablet with no SIM card slot? You just need an active phone number.

  1. Download and install the app like you would on any mobile device.
  2. At the verification window, type in the phone number you want to use. It could be the mobile phone you’re using in a different device.
  3. Wait for the message that says, “We have sent an SMS to your number. We will automatically detect that and let you know when we are done.”
  4. Check the device for the verification number and then type it in your tablet.
  5. Wait for the installation process to complete, and then use WhatsApp like you would on any device with a SIM card.

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