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Being a location-based augmented reality game the Niantic popular hit has made millions of fans around the world go crazy. Their main goal is to catch Pokemon with the help of an Internet connection and their phone’s camera. Pokemon can be evolved and put against other trainers which will confer you a great sense of achievement.

Some apps have been developed to enhance users’ ability to catch Pokemon and we are here to shed some light over which are the best ones. A lot of people are looking to cash in with third-party software and Niantic aren’t quite content with it.


This is the simplest tracker and it also works wonders. You’ll have to visit their website and permit it to access your location. It has a built-in location scanner and gives you some help with how long will it take to capture a respective Pokemon or if they are within walking distance.


PokeMap is somewhat similar to FastPokeMap as it will ask you to enter their site and your location. It has the ability to scan the whole world for Pokemon and includes the possibility of narrowing it down to your local area. After doing this you’re pretty much set to catch them all.


Just like the other apps mentioned above, PokeFind will make use of a map to help you catch Pokemon. This is an actual app which you can download from Google Play and it will also ask you for location to make it available. Unlike the others it has a feature which enables you filter through you want to capture.

Without these apps finding Pokemon can prove to be rather difficult and before Niantic chooses to shut them down completely we strongly advise you to use them before it’s too late.