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Apple TV 3 is already a great entertainment device, but it can be even greater when all of its applications are unlocked and used to their full potential. So even when it’s illegal, many people would still want to use a jailbreak method to access unauthorized app installers. But because of Apple’s effort to crack down any illegal jailbreak app, every new version that comes out are becoming harder and harder to exploit.

So is it possible to jailbreak Apple TV 3?

The answer is still no.

Although there are many claims online that they were able to jailbreak Apple TV 3, any attempt would still end up unsuccessful. It may even seem like jailbreakers have skipped the third generation of Apple TV, and skipped right to Apple TV 4.

Yes, there is a way to jailbreak Apple TV 4 that runs on tvOS 9.0 or 9.0 .1 for free. You’re going to need an Apple ID with sideloading privileges, Xcode, USB-C cable, a Mac computer, iOS App Signer and a Pangu jailbreak tool.

To get the required Apple ID, visit the Apple developer member center, provide the required details and agree to their terms. Then, log in to Xcode and go to Xcode > Preferences > Accounts, then click +.

According to Pangu, a paid developer account is necessary to perform the jailbreak, but some online resources beg to differ. Once you download the iOS app signer and the Pangu Jailbreak onto your computer, extract the compressed (ZIP) file and follow the instructions provided by the free method.

Many claims that they were able to jailbreak ATV 4 using the free method, but someone has yet to provide information on any downside to going against Pangu’s advice.

But is a jailbroken Apple TV 4 really worth the trouble? Do you really need to jailbreak Apple TV? The choice is entirely up to you.