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Xbox fans have been highly enthusiastic ever since Microsoft announced that a next generation gaming console will be launched in 2017, Xbox Project Scorpio to be exact. The expectation bar is set really high, especially since Microsoft has been put under pressure by Sony because the Japanese based company took the gaming market by storm with three new PlayStation editions: PS4 Slim, P4 Pro and PS VR while Microsoft has only launched Xbox One S.

Microsoft’s own Phil Spencer has been teasing the console’s features and release date by hinting at a rather late launch in the fourth quarter of 2017. Today we will go over the top four best features which will be brought by the next generation Xbox console as teased by Phil Spencer.

Xbox Scorpio Project

  • 4K Gaming

This feature was to be expected since Sony’s PS4 Pro already has 4K functionality and Microsoft also announced that the next gen console will come accompanied by full Windows 10 alongside 4K editions of already existing games.

  • Virtual Reality

As previously mentioned, Microsoft is put under a lot of pressure by Sony’s PS VR and by including VR compatibility the new Xbox console will be up to par with Sony’s.  Microsoft has already started experimenting with VR headsets by launching its own HoloLens.

  • Game Compatibility

Because the platform will be equipped with powerful hardware pieces Microsoft will launch games that have been enhanced especially for Xbox Project Scorpio that will not work on the older Xbox One but on the other hand Xbox One games will be compatible with Xbox Project Scorpio.

  • Impressive Graphics Processing Unit

A powerful GPU is the core pieces of any strong gaming platform and Xbox Scorpio is going to feature 6 teraflops of GPU which will give the console the ability to run 4K gaming and VR content. Regarding the hardware department, the console will ship with an AMD Vega processor that’s going to be paired with 5GB of DDR5 RAM.