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There are a lot of perks if you become a beta tester regardless of the mobile OS you are using. Basically, it allows users to get early access to apps before they are officially released.

In the case of Android phone users, Google allows them to install beta versions of its software up to 6 weeks prior to the roll out date for public use. This is called the Android beta program, which also allows you to provide feedback so that Google developers can enhance the software.

For this reason, those who will register into the program will receive updates over-the-air for the latest Android beta version.

WhatsApp is one of the apps in Google Play that you can try out in beta. Here are a couple of features covered for WhatsApp beta testers.

  1. Play Videos without Downloading. The users will be allowed to play video even without downloading. However, the video might still be downloading as the integrated video is still playing via streaming directly from servers of WhatsApp. So, there is no more waiting downloads. But, both the sender and recipient must be using 4.1+ version of Android.
  2. Use Animated GIF Images. The users can receive or send GIF files and the images can play as animation on the chat screen. There is also an option to watch the animation separately. Users will be able to find a new tab of GIF images when the file has been attached. It also provides new GIF integration that allows you to create your own GIF from the video.

Take note that WhatsApp will ask permission for its messenger app, which will access some information that you have on your phone and more. Such would include contacts, identity, and location, not to mention reading of received or sent text messages and read phone status and identity.

Thus, you should be careful what types of information you share to avoid any unwanted results.