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WhatsApp is constantly enhancing its features, so it will be on the same level as Skype, which allows YouTube videos and GIFs to be shared with contacts. Yes, such features are now available on WhatsApp, although it’s not as quick as easy as doing it in Skype. Better than nothing though. And it’s a start.

How to upload and share YouTube videos on WhatsApp

The quickest would be to copy the video’s link and then paste it on the chat window. WhatsApp will instantly recognize the file type and give your chat buddy a preview of the video. Just click on Share and copy the link that will appear.

Another option would be to download the video and then upload it on WhatsApp like you would any video. Just remember that the app only allows up to 16MB of video to be uploaded, so that means the clip will be shortened. Better to send the link. But, just in case, you don’t have access to the link, send the video instead.

How to share GIFs on WhatsApp

GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is a very short video or animation, maybe 6 seconds or less. Some of them can be really funny, which is why it’s fun to share the laughs with friends.

To share it on WhatsApp, you can make your own by recording a short clip, using, or downloading from Google or If you decide to use any of the online tools, you’ll get a link of the GIF you made, which you can send to your WhatsApp chat contact.

Another option would be to download a GIF file and send it like you would an image. But for the recipient to view it as animation, they must go to their phone’s image and video gallery and open the image from the Whatsapp pictures folder.

Aside from uploading YouTube videos and GIFs, there are other features that makes WhatsApp unique.