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Wondering if you should buy the Samsung Galaxy J7 or the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime?

Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed a high-quality mobile phone. But one could be better than the other depending on which specs really matter to you. Although it would still come down to personal preferences, having a basis for your shopping decision will make it easier to pick the best smartphone for your specific needs.


Samsung Galaxy J7 takes the lead on the camera department, because of its front camera flash, which would make it possible to take great selfies in low light. Are you in search of an excellent selfie camera?

Memory capacity

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime has more RAM than the Samsung Galaxy J7. An estimated 50% difference is sure to have a huge impact on speed and performance. With this much RAM, the Galaxy J7 prime is faster, and allows more applications to run simultaneously.

Screen resolution

The Galaxy J7 has a resolution of 720 by 1280px, while the Galaxy J7 Prime has 1080 by 1920px. That’s around 125% more pixels that produce crisper and sharper screen display.

HD video recording

Are you fond of recording videos and watching it on big TV screens? The Galaxy J7 supports HD video recording at a resolution of 1920 by 1080px, which would make an excellent choice if you want to use your smartphone to record videos in high definition.


Both Samsung models use 3300 mAH, Li-ion battery, which will provide you 23 hours of talk time over a 3G network, and 96 hours of music playback time. But only the Samsung Galaxy J7’s battery is removable, which will come in handy when your smartphone freezes or when the battery itself is need of an upgrade.

You simply need to remove the battery and replace it with a spare or a new one. This is not something you can do with a Galaxy J7 Prime. In the event that the battery performance degrades, you might need to have everything replaced.

Fingerprint sensor

If security matters more than anything else, you’d be happy to know that the Galaxy J7 Prime has a fingerprint sensor support, which is more secure than access codes. With only James Bond probably having the capacity to replicate fingerprints, no one will be able to access your phone without your finger on it.

Near field communication (NFC)

This refers to a short-range wireless connectivity standard that allows two NFC-enabled devices to connect for a variety of functions, and to make payments wirelessly. If you want to enjoy this kind of convenience, you must choose the Galaxy J7 over the Galaxy J7 Prime, as it supports NFC.

Based on these specifications, the Samsung Galaxy J7 comes out a better option, as it scores 4 out of the 6 features specified. But if you really want a smartphone that has a fingerprint sensor, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is your best bet, even when it falls short on other aspects.

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