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As 2017 is coming at a really quick pace, the ever so popular Pokemon Go is still to implement some legendary ones. We’re especially looking at the feathered trio, mainly Articuno. No announcements were made by Niantic regarding this matter.

The legendary birds Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos have gone missing in Pokemon Go along with the likes of Mew and Mewtwo. Six months have passed and we are still to receive some news about their state of being. One guy reportedly caught an Articuno somewhere in August but this news is not checkable.

Niantic might want to unleash its legendary Pokemon package to bring out something new and exciting to the game as it has lost some of its player base. The addition of an extremely rare to find and unique Pokemon is sure to raise some interest and we can only speculate when that will happen.

No legendary Pokemon will see the light this year but we still have some great expectations for the following one. A New Year’s update has been scheduled to hit on December the 30th and fans are going crazy over the fact that the addition of rare possible is highly probable.

New and unexpected features are to be expected from Niantic as this update will likely increase spawn rates of starting Pokemon and double the time of Lure Models. We are still in full-winter mode and an icy addition like Articuno to end the year with a bang would make great sense.

Niantic is sure to make something big happen if they wish for their players who’ve quit to return and once again top the sales being the leader that they are supposed to be.